Kandra The Moonwalker

A Flyleaf Studios Production


Choose your own path and live amazing adventures in an open world game. Explore Moonwalker's land dealing with diferent races, each one with its own culture, an unique storyline, and many secrets waiting to be discovered.

That ancient creatures, the Moonwalkers, have been protecting their world during centuries. In this game you are "Kandra", your lands and your friends are in danger, and there's only one way to fix it; Fighting and travelling, from one area to another, to recover the "Soul feathers" and bring those dark times to an end.


The game has an original soundtrack with independent themes for each world, and emotional characters that will accompany Kandra on her adventure, adding quests and giving rewards after solving challenging puzzles or defeating enemies in unique battles. In each world there is a Boss that will test your abilities and will take them to the limit.

Kandra's world is alive, their characters are going to share with you their restlessness and their fears, as their joys, until they make you feel that they are not only an artifice neither an excuse to fill a space within the game.


Beautiful landscapes, sunrises, cliffs with infinite horizons, deep forests guarded by fauns and dark and humid caves that hide dangers and voices long time ago forgotten. Only the Moonwalkers know their secrets, only one of them can find their clues. Only you can make it happen.

Playing as Kandra you will be able to choose what action to take at each moment, will you fight with the Minotaur to free the fauns from his oppresion or will you decide to betray them in exchange for the feather you need to save the rest of your companions? There is no good or bad action, the choice is in your hands.

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Kandra The Moonwalker by Flyleaf Studios is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0